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It has happened to many of us - we are out in the middle of nowhere and we get out of the car to change the tire and our keys get locked in the car. Luckily we have our cell phone in our pocket so we can call for Lockout Services. Andrea Locksmith is available 24/7 to help you get back in your car promptly so that you can get back on the road quickly and off to your destination. We will not make you wait around for hours. When you call us we will be there as quickly as possible


Auto Cambridge Locksmiths provides services As:

Car Keys Made 

If you need special Car Keys Made then come to Andrea Locksmith we can duplicate and replace all manner of car keys. Including, transponder, car key remotes, foreign and domestic, all different makes and models as well, and much more. We have highly-skilled and trained locksmiths that are trained in the latest key cutting and coding technology. Our technicians are fast and efficient and each of our keys are tested and will work guaranteed. Contact our Cambridge locksmiths for a list of the keys we will duplicate or replace and their pricing. In many cases we will come to you. 


Ignition Switch Key 

The ignition switch is a vital part of your vehicle, as it is what your controls your engine. When you have a problem with it you have a big problem. Crush Your Ignition Switch Key Problems quickly by calling Andrea Locksmith as we can correct any issue you have. An ignition switch may fail because the key is not working in it correctly having us look at and pinpoint the issue is vital. We can then help to correct the issue if it is part of the ignition switch. Contact us for information on our ignition switch key services and prices.


Transponder Keys 

When you have lost or broken your keys or your transponder keys  have just stopped working we at Andrea Locksmith are your last stop to have them made accurately. A transponder key must be coded accurately to the car it is made for or the car will not turn on. Our master locksmiths are highly-trained in helping you to replace or duplicate your transponder keys accurately so they work each and every time you need them too.  There is nothing more frustrating that trying to use a transponder key that doesn't work. Contact us whenever you need to replace or copy your transponder key.


Door Car Cylinders 

Do you want your Door Car Cylinders to  change fast and excellently? Visit Andrea Locksmith today and get the service you have been looking for.  We will make a free copy of your car keys at no extra charge. We have the equipment to change car cylinders  for any type of car. Therefore, if you have several cars, you will have your keys made in one place. We offer discounts to customers with fleets of cars. Take advantage of our discounts and reasonable prices by contacting us today.

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