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Car Key Made – Why Hiring Our Locksmith Is A Great Idea

  • Saves money in the long run
  • Convenient at times of an emergency to unlock the car
  • Reduces stress and enables a peaceful mind
  • Enhances the safety of your car
  • An easy alternative to calling a locksmith
  • Avoids any time delays in waiting for help

Different Ways To Get A Car Key Made

  • Mechanical key cutting

This is the basic traditional method to get a key made. This uses a simple mechanism that cuts the key alongside the shape of an original key kept below and replicates it with ease.

The most common way to use this mechanism is to insert an original key into the vice near the guide and a key blank near the cutting wheel. This machine then proceeds to cut out a duplicate key with ease.

  • Laser key cutting

This is the modern method of getting a key made. As technology has advanced, locksmiths have resolved to this particular method of key cutting.

This is when the metallic shaft is cut by the laser technology; making the key harder to replicate and adding to the security advantages. Laser keys offer several security advantages, including that their lock cylinders are more challenging to pick than traditional ones.

  • Transponder key programming

This is a simple and easy way to get your key made, but it requires skill to perfect. This is done by inserting the key with a chip inside the ignition and consistently turning it on and off within 45 seconds of insertion.

A car locksmith is highly trained in this aspect and comes with the equipment to do this perfectly.

  • Remote key installation

This key uses short radiofrequency waves identified by a receiver placed inside the car near the ignition. A locksmith Cambridge, MA, can easily install a receiver inside the vehicle alongside the necessary mechanism and set the car key code to what the receiver is bound to identify, enabling it to function perfectly.

Why Do You Need To Get A Car Key Made?

  • Damaged keys

You will need to get a car key made if your existing keys are damaged and not functioning any longer. Even if your keys have started causing slight troubles; it is recommended to get a spare car key made so that you may avoid any risk of any further problem during times of an emergency.

  • Lost keys

If you have lost your keys; the best option is to call a locksmith and get another car key made immediately. You may be panicking at the time.

But you need instant access to your car, and a duplicated key can only provide this. After this whole procedure; you can look into getting your locks replaced or rekeyed to avoid any risk of security.

  • Stolen keys

If your keys have been stolen, you may have left the only option to get a car key made. You may need to change your locks, but that can be done later.

When you are stuck somewhere and have no access to your car, only a replicated key can grant you this access so that you may be moving on your way and eventually get a new lock.

Our Locksmiths Are Here For You!

Andrea Locksmith is a team of highly trained professionals who have years of experience and undergo intensive training to provide you with the best services by far. Our training and certification require hours of analyzing locks and understanding their mechanism.

We are also background-checked for any criminal history before given a certification. If you still have doubts, you can always ask for certification or even refer to your friends and family to share their experience with locksmiths.

Hence, choose a locksmith accordingly for auto key replacement and more.

Master Key Services Are Provided By Us!

A master key is a single key that gives you access to all the locations in your house, saving you the trouble to go through many keys to go to a specific location. Having just one key also ensures that at times of emergencies.

You can easily escape or gain access to your door using that specific key instead of delaying the process due to having to find the key for a particular lock. Our locksmiths for house doors can easily make a master key for you in no time at all.

Get In Touch With Our Team For Amazing Services!

With years of experience and having been trusted by several households in Massachusetts, Andrea Locksmith Boston has been the most exemplary locksmith company in town.

We are certified and licensed to provide you with premium, top-of-the-line locksmith services in Massachusetts to assist you at all times of need.

Having said this, Andrea Locksmiths has an ample amount of knowledge to know the ins and out of the locks and keys, and thus we can help you with all sorts of different things. So give us a call today and get our top locksmith services by Andrea Locksmith.


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