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Car Remote Programming: More Knowledgeable, More Dependable!

Do you want to unlock your car for a quick getaway? Or do you want to ensure that no one can drive away from your house until the locksmith arrives? Whatever the case may be, you can program your car with a remote lock. A remote lock is a small device that is connected to your car’s key and programmed for unlocking it. These locks are easy to install and use since all that you need is a single battery. If you live in or around Cambridge, MA, and own a vehicle, then hiring an Andrea Locksmith for car remote programming! Remote locking lets you lock certain doors or windows so that only people who know the specific combination can open them.

Car Remote Programming: What is Car Remote Programming?

The process of car remote programming is a two-step process that enables you to use the key fob to unlock and lock your car door or trunk. You will first have to program a new key fob in the car’s keyless entry system. Then you will use the new key fob to unlock the door. After this, you will have to lock the car using the same key fob. Once you have finished programming the remote lock, it will work the same way as a regular key. This means that anyone who has a key fob can open the door or trunk. It is important to note that the keyless entry system will record only the key fob’s unique ID so that you can’t access it with your own key.

Car Remotes: Popular Types of Car Remote Locks

Before we discuss how to unlock a car with a remote lock. Let’s understand what types of car remote locks are available.

Remote Door Locks – These remote door locks are perfect for securing doors from the outside. You can choose a remote door lock with a keypad or remote control to open the doors for you.
Remote Trunk Locks – You can use these locks mostly in cars. Remote trunk locks can be operated from a keyless entry fob or remote control.
Remote Window Locks – These provide the same functionality as car remote door locks, i.e., securing doors from outside. But you can use most locks on car windows.

How to Unlock a Car with a Remote Lock?

When you complete the car remote programming, all you must do is open the door or trunk with the remote and open it with the key fob. After this, leave the remote inside the car and close the door or trunk using the remote. Once you remove the remote from the car, the lock will unlock and you can enter. Note that a remote car key and lock is less secure than a regular key lock as anyone who finds the key fob can unlock the car. You can avoid this by storing the remote control or key fob away from the car.

Car Remote Programming: Cost of Programming a Remote Lock

There is no set price for car remote programming a remote lock. However, it is usually cheaper than having a locksmith program the lock. You can also ask your dealer to program the remote lock at a discounted rate if the car is under warranty.

You can program remotes for your car, but it is best to leave it to your mechanic. You could damage the radio or electrical system by doing so. It can take only a few minutes to program a remote lock, provided that the lock has not been previously programmed. You can remove a car remote lock using the program key for the lock. You can program a new remote lock using the key programmed for the lock. You can program a remote lock safely, that you use the same transmitter and code for each lock. However, it is best to leave it to a car remorse programming professional at Andrea Locksmith.


A remote lock is a useful tool when you want to lock a car door or trunk without having to physically go to the car. If you have children or pets, this can be a very useful tool for keeping them locked inside the car when you are not around. With a remote lock, you can be certain that no one is going to steal your car when you are not around. Remote locks generally cost less than regular keys, and they are easy to install. Whether you are looking for a keyless entry system or a remote lock, you can count on an Andrea Locksmith to get the job done right. You can also call us for car remote replacement. Contact us now to program your car remotes.

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