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Chip Key Programmer – How to Tell If Your Car Has One!

If you’ve ever lost your keys or house keys and wished you could program them to open any lock, then this article is for you! There are a lot of different ways to protect your car from thieves. Be it by installing locks, and alarms, or hiding it from view. However, if you are looking for the fastest and most reliable way to protect your car from vandals and potential thieves – panic not! Because we have the perfect solution for that! The car chip key programmer makes sure that only authorized people access your vehicle. This makes it harder for criminals to steal your car and drive away. This can also come in handy when you have guests coming over to stay overnight so they don’t have access to private things such as spare keys or even the house itself.

What is a Car Chip Key Programmer?

Car chip keys are an alternative to conventional keys embedded with a computer chip. You can program chip with unique access codes which give you access to your car only. If a friend borrows your car, you can program his key so that he has access to your vehicle as well. This way, no one can steal your car or use your vehicle for their own purposes. How does a car chip key programmer work? You need to program these keys to recognize the embedded chip inside a car key and change the settings to operate the car lock.

How Do Programmers Work?

Programmers work by reading the embedded chip in the car key and then changing the settings inside the chip. Once you change the settings, the car key no longer functions as a key. It functions as a computer chip that is programmed with the unique access codes that the owner wants to use. Therefore, you program the chip key with the access codes, the car key loses its function as a key. It now becomes a computer chip.

Which Cars Have Car Chip Key Programmers?

These programmable car keys are available for most cars made in the United States. Nearly all cars manufactured in the last 10 years have a computer chip. This includes cars made by Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. If your car is the model year 2003 or newer, then you should be able to buy a key programmer to protect your car from vandals and thieves. While there are many new cars on the road today that have computer chips, most vehicles that are more than 10 years old do too.

Benefits of a Car Chip Key Programming

There are many benefits of a car chip key programmer. Some of the most significant ones include:

Protects Your Car from Vandals – If you have children, family members, or friends that you trust, but don’t want them to have access to your car keys, a car key programmer is your best option. This way, they can’t just borrow your car or use your car for their own purposes.

Protects Your Car from Thieves – Car chip key programmers make it hard for thieves to steal your car and drive it away because they must break a window to get into the car. They must connect the car to a battery to start it and then have access to the car computer to unlock the car.

Keeps Key Duplicates Safe – Hiding a spare key in a drawer or under some rocks is a good way to protect it from being lost or stolen. However, that doesn’t protect you or your family members from having a key used to steal your car or enter your home if you have a keyless entry system. You can call our experts to duplicate car keys with chips. We have extensive experience of doing our work.

Call Andrea Locksmith in Cambridge, MA for Car Chip Key Programming

If you have a car key programmer, you should call a professional locksmith to program it. Most key programmers are more complicated to use than conventional car keys and may require additional training from a locksmith to properly understand how to use them. Even if you know how to program the key, you could end up damaging the chip inside the key if you do it incorrectly. This could render your car key useless and make it difficult or even impossible to open the locks on your car. A professional locksmith at Andrea Locksmith will know how to use the key programmer safely and protect your car key chip. You can also get our services in Watertown, MA. Call our locksmith Watertown, MA expert professionals to provide you with locksmith solutions.

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