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Andrea Locksmith - Emergency Locksmith Cambridge MA

Do you have a reliable 24/7 emergency service that you can call? Are you sure about the quality and speed of their services? Well, you can trust our emergency Cambridge Locksmith services to assist you whenever you need urgent locksmith services. At Andrea Locksmith, you will find fast and excellent services. You should not settle for poor services just because you have an urgent security situation. Next time you are locked out of your car,  house, or any other situation contact our technicians. When you call our support line, we will direct our technicians to your location and they will be there within a few minutes.

Top Reasons to Choose Us For Your Emergency Services in Cambridge, MA

Lockout Services

Never allow a lockout emergency to stress you all day or night. There are reliable locksmiths services that can assist you to access your car or home within minutes. Andrea Locksmith has a lot of technicians  to offer lockout services. Our team is always ready with the necessary tools to help you open your lock. Our team can repair any break-in damages immediately. We also have trained our technicians to open locks without causing any major damage to a door or lock. If you ever experience this situation in the future, do not panic. Just call us!


Work Weekends

At Andrea Locksmith, our clients’ satisfaction is a top priority. We want them to feel secure in their homes and offices at all times. Our commitment to customer satisfaction leads us to work weekends and evenings to meet our clients' needs. If you ever need installation or locksmith services on a weekend just call our support team. You will not incur any additional costs for seeking our services at off hours. We will provide high quality services at your most convenient time. You have no excuse to postpone security issues in your home. Try our reliable services today !


Works Evenings 

We know that trying to get a locksmith when you need one especially in the evenings is difficult, which is why we at Andrea Locksmith are one group of locksmiths that works evenings. We understand that lockouts, break-ins, broken keys, and other locksmith related needs don't run on a schedule and when you need us we are there for you. For those that have locksmith related needs that can't stop by to see us during the daylight hours never fear we are available during the evening hours for you. Contact us today about our pricing, list of services and discounts available.