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Auto Key Cutting – Trust Our Reliable And Quality Services!

Key cutting services by Andrea Locksmith, Cambridge, MA, is well known for providing quality guaranteed services as well as having certified and reputable experts. Auto key cutting is a technical procedure; not everyone can do it alone. A single mistake will lead to the destruction of the new key being prepared. That’s why this must be done by some very expert professionals and under great care. Generally, key cutting is done by car dealers, but you should choose an automotive locksmith expert in this field. How is auto key cutting done? An original key is taken and placed along with a blank key, and a key tooth pattern is traced on the blank key using the original one as a template.

How To Do Auto Key Cutting By Yourself?

Although auto key cutting is a technical procedure and must be done by expert service members, however, you can do it yourself as well by following the simple steps given below:

  •  Take the original key and put its teeth on the flame until it becomes soot.
  •  Immediately, place a sticking tape on its black surface.
  •  Remove the tape and place it over some hard material like cardboard or some card. Fix it so that the key is imprinted onto the card.
  •  Now use a pair of scissors to cut the key. Be careful while cutting its teeth.

Key Cutting – We Offer Quick Replacement Services

When is key cutting required? Whenever we need an extra emergency key, or we want to have a spare key, we have to avail of auto key cutting services. In any lockout or emergency where we need a spare key, we must look for ways to provide a solution to our problem as soon as possible and a reliable method. What are the different ways to cut car keys?

  •  Go to the nearest locksmith.
  •  Go to the car dealer company to get a copy of the car key.
  •  Take your key to any hardware store.

The most feasible, approachable, and less time-consuming is going to the locksmith. Andrea locksmith is the best for making duplicate auto keys. Contact us now with any problem, and don’t waste your time and money here and there.

Does It Take Long To Do Auto Key Cutting?

Normally, cutting and making a duplicate key is not a very time-consuming procedure. However, this depends upon the type of key being duplicated. For example, a manual or physical key can be cut within a few minutes, but if you want to duplicate a transponder key or a fob key, that will take time. This is because of the machinery used in different types of keys. However, our technicians guarantee to provide you with your duplicate auto key in the minimum possible time and will not delay by the time frame they had provided. This is because our experts are well trained and have been working with these services for decades, and now they can easily duplicate car keys of any model within the shortest time frame.

Affordable Key Cutting Services In Cambridge, MA!

Car key cutting is not a very expensive procedure because this requires skills and expertise more than the use of any costly gadgets or tools. The more practice and experience in this task, the less the chance of making any mistake while key cutting. However, considering the importance of this service, many locksmiths have increased the prices that everyone can’t afford. Also, if someone offers these services at a low cost, people consider them unreliable. This is not the case with Andrea Locksmith. We have a salient feature of offering affordable and trustworthy services. We are saying this based on feedback we get from our clients. They are not only happy with the work but are also satisfied with the charges.

Is It Possible To Cut Keys Without The Original Ones?

Ideally, one should have the original key while making a duplicate one. So that the locksmith can make the key while using the original one as a template. However, if for any reason, the original key is lost or worn down to such an extent that it becomes impossible to know about the curves and depths of the key grooves. In such a case, an expert locksmith will use the lock and special tools to find out the exact depth and curves of the grooves inside the lock and then make a key according to it. This is a very skillful procedure and requires highly trained technicians. Locksmiths in our company have this skill and can make a spare key without the original one, leaving you satisfied and astonished. In addition to this, we are also providing Locksmith Watertown, MA, services. Visit our website to know more details about us.

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