Commercial Door Locks - We Repair And Replace Them All!

Commercial door locks are repaired at Andrea Locksmith by their skillful and talented locksmiths. They also replace and rekey commercial door locks effortlessly. Have your commercial door locks done by the professionals, they know how to get the job done!

Commercial Door Locks - Andrea Locksmith

Commercial Door Lock Service

Andrea Locksmith has made their name for having the best commercial locksmith service. They not only do replacement of commercial door locks they offer a wide range of other services for your business. They install high security door locks for added protection as well as control over restricted areas. Additionally, they will rekey your front door locks at an unbeatable price. Furthermore, they are also excellent at installing any deadbolt locks, to increase your security level. They also supply and install security locks for that extra level of security for your business. They do so much more than just replace your commercial door locks, why not give them a call and let them tell you how they can be of service to you?

High Security Door Locks Andrea Locksmith

High Security Door Locks - Installation By Certified Locksmiths!

No one wants an amateur to work on their project because the possibility of errors is greatly increased. We only utilize licensed locksmiths when installing your commercial door locks. They are knowledgeable in installing high security door locks such as: Abloy Protec2 double cylinder deadbolt, Mul-T-Lock MT5+ Hercular double cylinder deadbolt, Medeco 11R503-19-1 Maxum deadbolt and Bilock double cylinder deadbolt. So let the locksmith with the expertise do all your installation of your high security door locks. You’ll never regret that you did!

Front Door Locks - Rekeying Done For Less

We give you the best prices for rekeying, replacement, repairing and unlocking of commercial door locks. Our rekeying service for front door locks is very affordable and irrespective of the type of locks you have, we are positive that the cost will fall within your budget. The average cost to rekey front door locks range is not so high at our company. There is a reason why we are rated the most affordable locksmith company around, our prices are my unmatched by our competitors!

Front Door Locks Andrea Locksmith
Commercial Door Lock Service Andrea Locksmith

We Install Any Brand Of Deadbolt Lock

A deadbolt lock is one of the most secure commercial door locks. There are a number of different brands that are available out on the market however we only keep in stock the type of deadbolt lock that is of superior quality. There are also two designs, single and double cylinder with the latter providing a higher level of security. The design of these locks make them difficult to pick, bump or drill and as such they are the perfect locks to protect your business from intruders. We will assist you in choosing to intrude the type to meet your needs, just give us your requirements and we will have your lock installed in a jiffy!

Best Security Lock For Your Business

Not all locks are created equal, that is definitely true when it comes to choosing a security lock to be used as your commercial door locks. A security lock may be grade 1, 2 or 3 with grade 1 being the most secure followed by 2 then 3. The grade of the lock you choose will depend on the level of security, your type of business and the amount of traffic that your business encounters on a day to day basis. We recommend choosing locks that are classified as grade 1 or 2 as they have a sturdier design, built to withstand wear and tear and of course they provide the right level of security for your business. We will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of choosing the correct type of lock you need to protect the business you’ve invested so much time in building.

Best Security Lock Andrea Locksmith

Impenetrable World Class Locksmith For Your Every Need

When it comes to commercial locksmith services, there is no one who does it quite like us. We always exceed our customer’s expectations with our quality products and excellent customer service. Try us today, we’ll exceed yours too!

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All About Commercial Door Locks


There are many types of locks used for commercial purposes however the 5 best commercial door locks are: Mortise Locks, commercial panic crash bars, cylindrical lever locks, keypad door locks and electric strike locks. These locks tend to be more durable and more resistant to picking or drilling. They are relatively easy to install and can enhance the overall look of the door.

It is very important to choose high security door locks that have certain characteristics when they are to be utilized as commercial door locks. These characteristics include: complexity of the lock, the metal content of the lock, the lock’s resistance to strikes and drilling, restricted access to protect from unauthorized duplication and finally, if the lock has a bypass mechanism.

When considering which type of commercial door locks to purchase, it is of utmost importance to determine where these locks will be installed. For instance, the most suitable locks to be used for front door locks are: cylindrical level locks, mortise locks, deadbolt locks, electronic locks and cylindrical knob locks. We offer these ideal solutions for maximum protection of your business.

  It is a very daunting task to sift through all the many options available for commercial door locks. However, with thorough research and proper guidance that we provide, you will be able to find the correct brand of deadbolt lock. We highly recommend deadbolts from the Schlage brand, these are built for heavy duty use and are among the safest for commercial use.

Commercial door locks vary not only in design, features and functionality but also in price. Typically, a good quality security locks from a Medeco or Schlage brand can be affordable to buy. These locks might be a bit pricey but a small cost to pay to ensure protection of your business.

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