Commercial Locks – An Extra Layer Of Defense

Commercial locks are the best locks to use on your business doors that will give you the extra layer of defense your business needs.

 Andrea Locksmith in Cambridge, MA, provides commercial locks of top grade. These commercial locks offer durability and longevity, ensuring they don’t wear or break easily with the many people coming through the doors.

Commercial Locks Andrea Locksmith

Commercial Locks Service

Andrea Locksmith in Cambridge, MA, provides several commercial locksmith services for commercial businesses. The most common service performed on commercial locks are lock rekeying.

When a key is lost or an ex-employee has left without returning the key, changing the locks can become an extra expense a business does not need.

Rekeying a lock is a service completed in less time and at a lower price than changing several commercial key maker and replacing them with entirely new locks.

For a locksmith, a lock rekeying service is a very different service than a key replacement or lock replacement.

For a replacement key, a duplicate of the same key is created to open an existing lock with no alterations done to the lock. To rekey door lock, it involves an authorized locksmith rekey specialist to alter only the existing lock’s pins to match an entirely different key.

Lock Rekeying Andrea Locksmith

Locksmith Rekey Experts Save You Time And Money

There are several reasons for rekeying commercial locks in a business;

The most common is to maintain key control by limiting access. You may want to change all the locks to use the same key to decrease the number of keys you carry around with you. It is a cheaper option for a sizeable amount of locks and they are quick and easy for a skilled locksmith rekey professional to do.

Unless you want to change the style, type of lock, or if your locks are faulty, rekeying locks is the best cost-effective option for a business. It is a job best done by a locksmith rekey expert, who will quickly complete the job and save you time.

Lock Rekeying That Secures Your Business Effectively And Quickly

As a business owner, securing your business is a top priority, and when you have excellent quality commercial locks that need changing. Calling for help from a locksmith who offers a lock rekeying service is an excellent option.

As professional locksmiths have extensive knowledge of how the inside of a lock works. They are experienced in matching a lock with a new key.

With such an expert, you can be confident they know exactly what to do to perform a lock rekeying service. They know which tools are the best tools to use, to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Locksmith Rekey Experts Andrea Locksmith
Expertly Rekey Door Lock Andrea Locksmith

Expertly Rekey Door Lock With Professional Help

You have the option to rekey door lock yourself by purchasing a rekey kit for your brand of commercial locks. Some brands such as Kwikset have added re-keying features to their locks that make it easy for you to rekey a lock yourself in seconds.

However, many businesses do not have the time and patience required to rekey locks on their doors. This is especially true when more than one door lock needs to be changed in the office building.

A professional locksmith will access their rekey door lock options and either realign or remove and replace the springs and pins inside the lock. These pins will match the grooves of a new key and work as well as a newly installed lock and key.

Key Replacement Is No Match For A Key Specialist

Key replacement of commercial locks involves creating a key for a door lock that either has been lost, stolen, or is broken. If you have a copy of the key, a locksmith will duplicate that key, so it is an exact match.

If you do not have the original key or a copy of the original, a skilled locksmith will make a key replacement to the lock by hand.

They will create a key from scratch by using their skills, a blank key, and a file and match the key to the lock.

Key Replacement Andrea Locksmith

A Quick Recap For Commercial Locks

To improve the security of your business doors, a professional locksmith Somerville, MA easily rekeys commercial locks. Whether there is one lock or many locks, they will adjust the workings of the lock to work only with a new key. Saving your business from unauthorized entry, cost, and time.

All About Commercial Locks


The types of commercial locks used to secure a business are rated grade 1 high-security locks. These locks need to meet a certain industry standard, which does not allow them to wear down or break easily. They can handle high volumes of traffic and are designed to provide extra strength and security against theft.

A professional commercial locksmith is highly trained in the workings of many locks and key types. A very huge part of their expertise is to provide a locksmith rekey service to commercial locks of businesses of all types.

Hiring the experts to provide you with a lock rekeying service will ensure that you know exactly who has access to your business, thus increasing your overall security.

Another benefit is if you want to limit the number of keys for your commercial locks that you are carrying around with you. A locksmith can rekey the locks in your building to match a single key.

To replace commercial locks, a locksmith needs to remove the entire lock and replace it with a new one. This will cost you not only for a new lock but also time, as it takes longer to replace the lock.

If you choose the rekey door lock option, it is not only quicker for a locksmith to alter or insert new pins inside the lock, but the cost of key pins is extremely low. Rekeying locks is cheaper than replacing entire locks.

When a locksmith undergoes extensive training, they gain the knowledge of many lock types. They learn how these commercial locks work and how to provide a key replacement for them.

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