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Andrea Lock & supply - Your Locksmith Cambridge MA
Andrea Lock & supply - Your Locksmith Cambridge MA
Andrea Lock & supply - Your Locksmith Cambridge MA
Andrea Lock & supply - Your Locksmith Cambridge MA

We all make mistakes at least once in our lives, especially when it comes to locking ourselves out of our home or car. That one time or more is not sensitive to a 9-5 schedule and can happen at any time. No matter when you find yourself stuck outside and stranded, you can call our team of experts at Andrea Locksmith 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We will have someone at the ready no matter if you need help at noon or midnight or any hour in between for the best 24/7 service.

More From our Cambridge Locksmith Services : 

New Locks Installation 

Have you had the same locks since you moved into your house? Maybe it is time to fit your home with new locks. Changing locks is advisable to keep your home secure. The same applies to offices where employees come and go. You never know who has copies of keys to your locks. Call Us for more information and assistance on new locks installation. The proficient technicians at Andrea Locksmith will fit your doors with new locks at fair rates. We will also assist you in selecting the most secure locks. Get the help you need today!

Remove Broken Keys

Are you struggling to remove a broken key from your door lock? Have you moved from one website to another looking for the easiest way to remove broken keys? Well, the easiest way is to contact a locksmith in Cambridge instead of spending too much time looking for information or using the wrong tools. We understand that removing broken keys is an urgent security issue. Hence, we will not delay in sending technicians to your home or office. We will not damage your lock or door when removing the key. Our emergency service is available 24/7 for this and other locksmith services.

Remove Broken Keys with your Locksmith Cambridge MA

Keys Copied

Maybe you find that you are prone to losing keys, or maybe you want to have a couple of extra keys at the ready for your business for when you hope to expand your office operations. At Andrea Locksmith, we offer a number of different types of ways to have your keys copied in a very convenient manner. It doesn’t just stop at providing residential and business key needs, we can also create copies for your vehicle so that you have a spare in case one is lost or damaged for any reason. Learn more by either visiting us in person or contacting our staff.

Copy New Keys with your Locksmith Cambridge MA

Digital Door Locks 

Andrea Locksmith is a leading locksmith in Cambridge, MA that provides many products and services including installation services. We have certified experts who can install any security products excellently on your home or office doors. We offer personalized guidance to clients in choosing products that fit their homes or offices best. If you need digital door locks and have little information about their brands and costs, we will help you out. Call our 24/7 customer service and ask for more information. If you need advice, request to speak to a security expert. They will immediately direct you to one of our experts for assistance.

Digital Door Locks installation with your Locksmith Cambridge MA

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