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Relationship Between Locks And Keys

There are many different types of locks, and every kind of lock has its key design, from deadbolts to padlocks to cylinder locks, and all the different types of locks. Until recently, it was impossible to have a lock without a corresponding physical key. A lock is a sophisticated object that remains closed until a physical object such as a key, body part, key card, and the like’s releases or unlocks it. Every lock that has ever been made has a set of keys that only works with them, and every key needs a lock to open.

If different types of unrelated keys can open a lock, then such a lock is referred to as a dud; on the other hand, it’s not strange to come across keys that open numerous locks. The relationship between locks and keys is an important one, and it’s quite poetic. To be honest, we decided to share this piece with you to understand better how to protect your loved ones, home, business, and valuables.

The traditional key is usually a small piece of metal featuring two parts, the blade or bit and the bow. The bit or blade is the part of a key inserted into the keyway of a lock, and it helps different types of keys, while the bow is the part of a key that protrudes, allowing users to apply torque while attempting to open a lock.

History Of Locks And Keys

In order to understand how vital a lock and key locksmith is, you need to take a journey through time to the ancestor of present-day lock and key locksmith devices. In order to find the earliest known lock and key locksmith, you’ll need to travel back to the capital of ancient Assyria, Nineveh. This type of lock later evolved into an Egyptian wooden pin lock that consisted of a key, door attachment or fixture, and bolt.

By the year 870, fully metal locks similar to what we have today invented by English craftsmen, and over the years, lock and key locksmith systems have evolved to reflect the realities of the times they were invented. It is generally agreed that the first modern key was invented in 1778 by Robert Barron, and it’s known as the lever tumbler lock. Locks and keys improved in sophistication during the Industrial Revolution.

How A Lock And Key Locksmith Helped Improve Jamila’s Business

Jamila took over the family business in November 2017; after college, she decided that she wanted to help improve the family business. Jamila’s family owns a chain of convenience stores across the South East and one of the things she noticed was the ease at which employees and visitors could access private rooms; she knew this practice was a disaster waiting to happen.

When she took charge, one of her first actions was to interview lock and key locksmiths to ascertain how they could help improve internal security in the business. After multiple meetings, she finally chose a commercial locksmith, and they went to work crafting a long-term internal security plan that included digital locks on interior doors. These doors worked with key cards so employees could access individual rooms based on position and these locks kept a log of who enters each private room and how long they spent there.

Digital Locks And Keys

The last few decades have seen a significant shift from traditional metallic keys to digital keys; please don’t get us wrong, metal keys are still widely used, but digital keys have been growing in popularity for quite some time now.

Digital locks allow for diversity with the type of keys we choose to utilize, and a few of the digital keys used by such locks include biometrics, retina scans, key cards, QR codes, and more. Digital locks have allowed us to redefine what a key is and how we use them.

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