Commercial lockout – Easily Avoided With Proper Planning

Commercial lockout is something businesses can avoid, but hardly any businesses include a plan to prevent it. They then experience a commercial lockout.

It is then a scramble to find a professional locksmith in a hurry such as Andrea Locksmith in Cambridge, MA, to help them with their commercial lockout.

Commercial lockout Andrea Locksmith

Commercial Lockout Service

When you are dealing with a commercial lockout, Andrea Locksmith in the Cambridge, MA, area is the locksmith to call. They provide commercial businesses with several locksmith services.

The majority of the time a business lockout occurs because of unattended door lock problems. Avoid a commercial lockout by attending to the problem the moment you realize there is one.

Doors and locks wear or break, and when they do there are several signs that a lockout is in the near future. Signs that lead to a door lock repair could be because the lock is sticking and the only way to open the lock is to wiggle the key around.

The lock mechanics could be broken inside and it requires a door lock replacement, a professional locksmith will need to perform a door lock installation.

To avoid a lockout it is always best to check the locks from time to time and if broken it is, then a good idea to change door lock.

Door Lock Installation Andrea Locksmith

Door Lock Installation By A Professional Prevents Lockouts

Whether you need to change a faulty lock, want a higher security lock, or would like a new design, it is best to call for professional help. A locksmith has the expertise to perform a door lock installation correctly, thus preventing a potential commercial locks.

Before requesting a door lock installation by a locksmith, there are a couple of things to consider are:

  • The type of door lock you want to have installed
  • The type of door where the lock should be installed
  • The reason for the type of lock, such as higher traffic

Door Lock Repair Is Better Than Facing A Lockout

If the exterior door locks to your office are not functioning properly, you may need a door lock repair. If you ignore such problems, they could then be the reason you experience a commercial lockout.

Whether you have trouble with a misalignment of the lock latch or trouble inserting and turning the keys, repairing the lock is the best way to solve the problem.

A commercial locksmith can provide you with a quality service, perform a door lock repair quickly that ensures your business remains safe. With locks that function properly, you will not have to worry about being lockout.

Door Lock Repair Andrea Locksmith
Door Lock Replacement Andrea Locksmith

A Lock Beyond Repair Requires A Door Lock Replacement

If you experience a commercial lockout because the door lock is beyond repair, the best thing is to opt for a door lock replacement.

A professional locksmith will open the door without damaging it so you can enter the building. They will then remove the existing damaged or broken lock from the door and replace it with a new working lock.

But, before they do a door lock replacement, you can choose to install the same lock or something else. If you want to change, it is a good idea to use this opportunity to install a more secure lock.

Reasons To Request A Change Door Lock Service

The reasons for requesting a change door lock service for your office building from a professional locksmith are many.

The most important one is low-quality locks, as they are a risk to your property; they make not only it easy for burglars to enter but are also one of the major reasons for a commercial lockout.

Other reasons for requesting a change door lock service are a disgruntled worker has left your company, a burglary has occurred, and when door locks are worn or broken.

It is better for the safety of your business to install new and upgraded locks and maybe consider a keyless door entry lock.


Change Door Lock Andrea Locksmith

Commercial Lockout Run-Through

Door locks may be small, but they are the biggest protector of your business. It is vital to check their status every so often and when problems arise; it is best to solve them fast to avoid a lockout situation. If you come up against any type of lock problem; hire a professional locksmith to repair, replace, or change them.

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Commercial Lockout - FAQ

Usually, when a professional locksmith arrives to assist you with a commercial lockout, they will assess the situation and advise you on what needs to be done. Depending on the lock type and the method used, the lockout task should take less than a few minutes.

You can easily tackle a door lock installation yourself as many locks come with simple instructions. But, if things go wrong during the installation process, you can just as easily face a commercial lockout or make it easier for criminals to enter your building.

When a door lock repair is required after a commercial lockout has occurred, a skilled locksmith uses different methods with the proper tools to open and repair the lock. These tools and methods rarely cause damage to the door.

When requesting a door lock replacement after a commercial lockout has occurred, it is helpful to know the type of door lock, but it is unnecessary. A trained professional locksmith will assess the door lock and immediately know the correct lock type to replace it with, suiting your door needs.

The major benefit for you to change door lock on your front door to a keyless or keypad entry is that they can help reduce the risk of a commercial lockout. There are no keys for employees to lock inside the building or lose.

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