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Demystifying Locks

It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of us have an understanding of what a lock and security is from childhood; we’ve been exposed to different lock and security mechanisms, and some of the famous types of locks include; padlocks, deadbolts, and more. Today, we’ll take you on a lock and security trip where we’ll look into some exciting types of locks.

Rim Latch Locks

Rim latch locks are versatile; they usually feature a surface mount latch lock on one end and a custom rim cylinder on the other. You can find rim latch locks in a lot of apartment complexes; it goes without saying that they’re not designed to withstand the extreme force; so if you want to utilize a rim latch lock and security on an exterior door, consider pairing them with another type of lock.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

5 lever mortice deadlock has an epic name, and they function epically too; you can find this type of door lock inside wooden doors, and their design makes it easy to lock them from outside and inside with a lock and security key.

This type of lock and security is usually embedded into the door’s material instead of on the surface; please do not confuse a 3 lever mortice lock with a 5 lever lock.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

Jimmy proof deadbolts combine functionality and ease to create a deadbolt that’s tough as nails. Furthermore, this type of lock is mounted on the surface of doors and is usually used on double and apartment doors; a lot of people like this type of lock because they require minimal door modification to install.

In a jimmy-proof deadbolt, the deadbolt interlocks with the jamb bracket, making it harder to pull apart.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch With Key Locking Handle

Rim automatic deadlatches are usually fitted inside a door; they have a key locking cylinder protruding outside of the lock where you can insert your key. Moreover, on the inside of this lock, there is a “Night latch” and on the outside, you find a “Rim Cylinder.”

You’ll be surprised by how many different variants of door locks exist; this goes to prove the dynamism of lock and security in general.

Doorknob Locks

Doorknob locks are generally the most recognizable lock in America. In addition, they’re popularly used in homes, and you can find a doorknob everywhere in homes; including exterior doors and interior doors like bedrooms, bathrooms, and the likes.

Doorknob locks come in double and single-cylinder, a single-cylinder doorknob allows you to lock a door either from the inside or outside the door, and they’re widely used internally. In contrast, double cylinder doorknobs will enable you to lock from both sides.

Barrel Bolt

Sometimes referred to as a sliding bolt, a barrel bolt is different from most other types of locks; they offer convenience and are used on the inside of doors. You can install a barrel bolt on your door to keep your family and valuables safe when you’re at home.

Barrel locks usually feature two pieces; one is fixed on your door frame while the primary locking assembly goes on your door.

Child-Proof Door Locks

Childproof locks are essential for those of us with children; we all know how restless and inquisitive children are, and we also understand that they always find a way to try to injure themselves; that’s why child-proof locks are a must-have for every parent and adult.

A few types of child-proof locks include cabinet locks, button refrigerator locks, elevated barrel bolt locks, just to name a few.

Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders

IC cylinder locks are widely used in larger organizations like businesses, universities, government offices, and the likes. Moreover, one of IC cylinders’ attractive features is that they’re easy to re-key; you can do this by swapping out the core without taking the lock apart.

IC locks have two types of keys, a standard key that locks and unlocks the lock normally; while a control key enables you to remove the entire core of a lock without removing the screws.

Lock And Key Security Expertise In Cambridge, Ma

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